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We are a source of elite teaching, training and professional development. When parents come to the website, there are top notch educators available to not only help their child, but also support the needs of the family. When a teacher visits our website, they are able to enroll in free online workshops, as well as engage in paid workshop opportunities for professional development. School districts are able to find customized training to fit their own districts needs.

Florida Teacher Certification Exams Online Workshops
The Learning Liaisons: Who are you?
ADHD Online Workshop Modules:  Professional Development
Live! Online FTCE Workshop Series:  GK Workshop Trailer
ADHD Module 7:  How Good Is Your Child's IEP/504 Plan
Happy Holidays From The Learning Liaisons!
On the Road to Contemporary Teaching Methods: Community Education Network
ADHD Module 6: Classroom Strategies For The ADHD Student
ADHD Module 5:  Flying Solo With ADHD
ADHD Module 4: Cracking The College Code
UpStanders: Stand Up To Bullying Teacher Training
Live! Online FTCE Prep: How to prepare for your FTCE?
A Game Plan For SAT Success: Live! Online Workshop
How do I pass my FTCE?
Meet Darryl Hold:  Spotlight Presenter
Meet One Of Our Spotlight Presenters:  Martha Pitchford
Thank You For Attending Our ADHD Online Workshop: Judy MacNamee
The Learning Liaisons: Meet Heather Kinuthia
The Learning Liaisons: Meet Susan Toth

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